E=mc² Five Steps to Energize Your Team, Customers, and Profits

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“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” Albert Einstein

Organizational energy is grounded in a solid commitment to an organization, its mission, and its values.


  • E = Your organizations energy;
  • m = Mass – the people within your organization;
  • c = the conductors that transmit energy;
  • ² = your leadership energy and the multiplier effect it has on your organization.


  • Synchronization – Everyone working toward a common goal.
  • Speed – Resolve conflicts quickly and bring swift, decisive action.
  • Communication – Connect team members to goals and ensure everyone understands their roles in accomplishing the mission.
  • Customer Passion – Connect with customers
  • Integrity – Relationships based on honesty, respect and trust.

How to achieve Critical Mass

  1. Establish dedication to the organization’s mission;
  2. Build a commitment to shared values;
  3. Create leadership critical mass.

Dedication to the Mission

The key to having your team dedicated to the mission is simplification. Simplify everything so that everyone understands exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Management has to convince every employee it is in his or her best interests to participate.

  1. First present the mission.goals.
  2. Next share stories that project a positive future, what is in it for the workers if the mission is accomplished.

People support what they help create, involve your team a much as possible.

Commitment to Shared Values

The purpose of your organization is defined by the values promoted and communicated throughout the organization. Anything opposed to these values needs to be eliminated.

Leadership Critical Mass

Leaders throughout the organization should buy into and support all organizational initiatives. When employees see that everyone in their line of leadership is on the same page they are motivated to get on board also.