Hug Your People – INCLUDE

The five I’s create a sense of ownership among your staff.

1. Invite – Invite someone to be part of the process.
2. Input – Ask for advice, suggestions, opinions on strategies. “I need your help?” , “What do you think?”
3. Include – Lead, don’t supervise. Allow people to service clients in their own unique way. Ask people what they want included in the team meeting.
4. Involve – Communicate fully, honestly and effectively.
5. Invest – Train, coach, mentor and develop your people.


Hug Your People – PRIDE

People need to feel proud to work for the company. Pride is an incredibly powerful force to encourage loyalty but it has to be fed.

A big part of this is making it clear that everyone’s job counts.

4 Essentials

  1. An inspiring corporate mission statement.
  2. A clean and attractive work environment.
  3. Up-to-date, user friendly technology.
  4. Education opportunities.
Also when good things happen, tell everybody!

Have lots of celebrations for example: employee anniversary parties, someone getting married, birthdays etc. Always try and get everyone clapping when you have celebrations, standing clapping is even better.

Hug Your People – TRUST

Have expectations and standards NOT rules and regulations. Too many rules make people feel untrusted.

Key Expectations

  1. Be positive, passionate, and personal.
  2. Work and play hard.
  3. Understand the power of the team. That means exhibiting mutual respect and trust.
  4. Dress appropriately.
  5. No surprises.
  6. Always, always be open and tell the truth!
  7. “Hug” one another and “hug” the customers.
We want people to live up to their highest potential.
The flip side of freedom is responsibility.
Be transparent – Share the stat’s with everyone.
People want clarity and honest discussions of their performance and prospects. Many people prefer quarterly performance reviews for this reason.