Hug Your People – NICE – Building a Niceness Culture

You have to cultivate niceness in your employees through planned, proactive actions until you create an environment where everyone is genuinely and consistently respectful towards each other.

1. There’s a “pleaser” mentality.

When there is a pleaser mentality people want to do nice things for one another just to be nice. Everyone is consistently polite and exhibits excellent manners that are used to please those around them. You will here the phrases “excuse me”, “please”, and “Can I help” often.

2. Relationships are personalized.

People engage each other as real people rather than just as job responsibilities and feel real empathy for each other. Feeling empathy results in:

  • Caring
  • Compassion
  • Cooperation
  • Consistency

Personalizing relationships requires figuring out whats important to everyone and how they feel and then thinking of ways to communicate that you care. You need to know your people. What makes them feel appreciated? Are they married? names and ages of children, pets, favorite vacation spots, hobbies, preferred drink, personal and professional goals, learning and enjoyment goals etc.

Personalize the relationship by taking a personal interest. During face to face encounters the first minute and last minute should be personal.

3. There is humility.

In an environment were humility is present people don’t pretend they know it all and everyone works together to help each other succeed. When there is humility everyone is encouraged to feel as equal as possible.

It is a function of leadership to manage the niceness culture. If someone is crossing the line and being nasty/ugly its time to quietly and privately talk to them about it. If someone is a great person they can usually acquire great skills through education but its rare that someone can transform from a nasty person to a nice person.


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